Our Loved One 09/01/1953 - 07/06/2014


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Rise above it

In silence an eagle soars,
as vapours carry him higher,
through overcast horizons.
It is not afraid of its scorn,
as the storm's temperament
only gives him more power.
With fear, comes courage,
in adversity, evolution of character.
An eaglet becomes an eagle,
only when it has learnt to handle a storm.

In the realms of pain,
when each heartbeat
bleeds speechless tears,
when words are suffocated,
submerging you into uncharted waters;
LISTEN - for every ache and agony
is the provenance of wisdom.
With suffering, empathy is born.

Turbulence in life is like a dandelion:
once dried petals have fallen,
it flourishes into a full sphere.

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